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All our pictures are of very high quality and resolution being taken with a high resolution DSLR camera (Canon). All of the photos are printed using a high-quality dye sublimation (dye-sub) photographic printer that is used by photo processing companies all over the world.

Anything goes, from weddings, christenings, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations and reunions, corporate and promotional events or pretty much whatever calls for a celebration!

Easy peazy! You either inbox, email or call us, letting us know the date of the event to check availability, then together we can build the package that suits you more.

Yes we do, for both parties' peace of mind! A 30% of the total cost of the initial package agreed (which can be altered at any point to suit you better) is required either over coffee or a bank deposit, whatever is more convenient for you.

Well, our favorite way is over coffee, again! We can meet up a few days after the event so you can relax, to give you the usb, and talk about your event :) If that’s not possible, a bank deposit will be fine.

If we are notified for the cancellation 3 months before the event, you will not be charged with any amount other than the downpayment. If the cancellation occurs anytime within 2 months before the event, you will be charged with half of the remaining amount. In the unlikely event of the cancellation occurring in less than 2 months before the event, you will be charged with the whole remaining amount.

It’s 2m tall, 1.30m wide and 2.30m long! Overall, in addition to the photobooth’s space, to make sure you have more fun, add a couple of tables for the props to be laid on and enough space for the queue of your excited guests ;) If on the day of the event, the space required is not adequate, we will set up wherever we think it's more appropriate for you and your guests to enjoy, so please make sure you inform the venue person of the requirement to avoid any confusion and delays.

No worries here, we will be taking care of the whole procedure! We will make sure the photobooth is set up long before the event subjecting to venue availability and long before your guests arrive!

To make sure we have enough time to set it up and perform all necessary checks for things to run smoothly, and make the designated area look its best, we need roughly about 1 ½ for the set up and 30-45 minutes for its removal.

Sure you can! If you book us for the minimum of 2 hours and you realize during the event that you want more, noooo problem! Each extra hour costs 150.00 euro unless otherwise agreed.

Of course, we could not possibly miss out on all the fun! At least 2 people will be there at all times, prepping everything to perfection, helping out the guests where to stand to take their best shot, serve as stylists (plenty of creative ideas there!), give each their copy in a paper pocket and guide them to the guest book making sure everybody gets to glue a copy and write a wish for you to take home by the end of the night!

Anything you can imagine! From hats, to mustaches, 3D lips, hair pieces, wigs, signs, glasses, seasonal items, and of course our our pride and joy, our customized props made with love for every single occasion because we are simply not a mass production kind of people! We want you to feel as special as you are that day!

Hell no! These are our token of appreciation for choosing us to be a part of your special day!

NO! Just kidding :) You definitely have the last word! You get to choose from color, sepia or black & white photos, how many shots you want to be printed on the strip, the color of the strip layout, the use of green screen (ANY image from our selection or yours!) or plain white background, what gets to be incorporated on the strip in terms of names, dates, logos etc. We will prepare a range of sample strips for you to choose from, pick one of those or combine elements of different strip samples to make the one that’s perfect for you! After all it’s you, we want to make happy!

Exactly what the word suggests! For as long as we are there, there is no limitation as to how many times one can get Inside the Box Photobooth! Each and everyone who steps foot inside will get a copy of the photo plus one copy for the guest book!

We do, unless you want to provide your own! We are in a constant search for new albums all the time because we hate using the same ones over and over again! We will find one that matches the theme of your wedding, christening, birthday, or create a customized guestbook from scratch based on the strip. And of course everything that comes with it, glue, pens, & markers!

Your little guests will be the first to try the photobooth and get all excited about it! It will seem hard at first glance to take a proper photo where anything other than the top of their head is photographed but worry not!! We got the solution and it’s called ..stools/chairs ..or photobooth attendants :)…if necessary we will lift the little fellas up to enjoy the experience of the photobooth to the max, but we'd feel more comfortable if they are accompanied by an adult for safety reasons.

Well, our record so far calls for 12 people in at the same time! The more the merrier! Plus it’s fun to see all those little heads trying to place themselves within the shot!

Nop! The usb with all the photos in strip size and normal size will be yours to enjoy. In this way, you can create another album with normal sized photos by printing them whenever you want! And of course we are at your disposal for that at a small additional charge.

You bet you do! All photos (except photos with small children on their own, or with their parents, we request permission from and prefer not to have photos of their kids online) will be uploaded usually after the event or the next day the latest, on our facebook page and website or your page/website if you have one! Instant Upload is also available wherever needed! In this way, you and your friends can like, share, comment and tag the photos and have another round of laughter!

Well, besides the paper frames we give out with Inside the Box Photobooth’s logo on, you can choose to customize these paper frames with whatever makes you happy at an additional charge! OR, better yet, you can choose frames from our own range to be used as favors! These could be fridge magnets made out of vinyl, acrylic and our own exclusive design which can be customized to your taste, at prices ranging from 1.00-5.00eur per piece! What better way to thank your guests, by giving them the means to put memories from your event, on the fridge, reminding them everyday how much fun they had! Also, if we have the time, we can design your invitation, photobooth style, giving your guests a hint of what lies ahead!

(a) External branding of the photobooth, mainly in corporate or promotional events.

   (b) Travelling expenses to Limassol/Famagusta area at 50.00eur and Paphos area 100.00eur.

   (c) Customized paper or magnetic frames

   (d) Extra hour at 100.00 eur

   (e) Printouts of strips or normal size photos after the event

   (f) Videobooth (High Definition Video)

How could we not? Every now and then we publish new offers with the aim of more people enjoying the photobooth experience either in terms of cost, duration or extras! Stay tuned!

Tailor-made services by enthousiastic and creative professionals, value for money, lots of extras at no extra cost (!), a hell of a fun time you will treasure for life, a surprise gift on top of that and…new friends!!! The latter is our favorite part :)